Oncoplastic Academy will go to your hospital to perform surgeries!

The philosophy of Oncoplastic Academy (OA) is to disseminate knowledge in Oncoplasty and Breast Reconstruction in several countries.

With the experience of having already held dozens of courses in Brazil and abroad, OA is composed of 3 experienced breast surgeons, internationally renowned, coordinators of Oncoplasty and Breast Reconstruction courses, having already trained more than 200 students in several countries.
Our teaching model is based on the dissemination of various Oncoplastic techniques, some of which we developed, through the performance of live surgeries, with the participation of students.
Assemble your group and hire OA, so that these surgeries can be performed in your city, in your own Hospital!

Hiring model:

-Each teacher will be available to perform up to 4 surgeries, in 2 consecutive days.
– For every 4 students, 1 teacher will be made available by OA.
– This professor will remain in the city where the surgeries will be performed, starting the day before the course begins, staying for up to 4 days in that city.
– The costs of lodging and air transportation in Business Class and ground transportation for the professors will be the responsibility of the contractors.
– Each professor will be paid US$ 10,000.00 (ten thousand US dollars).
– In the case of hiring full courses, with at least 08 (eight) modules, this amount may be renegotiated.
– OA will participate in the process of patient selection guidance, as well as in guidance during the post-operative period.

Count on us to improve the technical training of your team, in the most modern techniques of Oncoplasty and Breast Reconstruction!!

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